Kim Yun-jin to Star in 1st Korean TV Drama in Nearly 2 Decades

Kim Yun-jin

Kim Yun-jin is set to make her first appearance in a Korean TV series in nearly 20 years.

The star of the U.S. hit series "Lost" appears as a detective in the crime thriller "Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge," which is slated to start airing early next month.

"I have appeared both in U.S. TV series and Korean films and dramas, but few people recognize any Korean TV series that I was in. So I hope this will be it," she said.

In the Korean adaption of the popular "Miss Marple" series by British author Agatha Christie, Kim plays a woman who is falsely accused of killing her daughter and embarks on a journey to prove her innocence.

"Since shooting began, I've been completely tied up with the series, with no time to do anything else. I never imagined shooting over 20 scenes in a day. It would have been almost impossible for me to do this without the help of my husband, who took care of all the household chores," Kim said. "I spent more than 10 years doing several TV series in the U.S., but it was under 10 scenes a day, while getting weekends off no matter what."

"I was especially attracted to this character, who proactively proves her innocence by starting her hunt for revenge," Kim said.

Kim moved to the U.S. when she was young, and debuted in Korea with a TV series in 1996. She shot to fame with "Swiri," a Korean hit film about North Korean spies, in 1999. After that, she was cast in the hit ABC series "Lost" and starred in another ABC series, "Mistresses," from 2013 to 2016 in the U.S.