Kim Jong-un impersonator fails to impress Olympic cheerleaders

BBC News
Getty Images This is the second time that a fake Kim Jong-un has caused a stir at the Winter Olympics

A fake Kim Jong-un did not impress North Korean cheerleaders when he gatecrashed the unified Korea's ice hockey match with Japan.

A man impersonating the North Korean supreme leader danced in front of Pyeongchang cheerleaders during their 4-1 defeat.

Pictures seem to suggest that the Pyeongchang 2018 cheerleaders did not see the funny side of things, and Twitter users shared close-ups of some of them looking annoyed, while others did their best to ignore him.

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The 230-member cheerleader squad are said to have at the Winter Olympics with their matching uniforms and chants.

The imposter was filmed shaking hands with crowd members as he was escorted out of the arena by security.

He reportedly told on-lookers his name was Howard, and claimed he had not committed any crime by looking like a world leader and cheering a hockey team.

"This is crazy," he said to a crowd of security guards and journalists. "What do you think I'm going to do? I haven't been violent."

"I just want to see the game, so what's the problem? I'm about to miss my game," he added.

"Kim" was eventually released by security, andas he left the stadium.

It is unclear whether this is the same lookalike who gatecrashed the Pyeongchang 2018 opening ceremony last week with a Donald Trump doppelganger.

And this is not the first controversy that has struck the North Korea cheerleading squad at the Winter Olympics. At an earlier game, they wore masks that were said to resemble their country's former leader Kim Il-sung.

By Tom Gerken, UGC & Social News