Actress Who Was Kidnapped by N.Korea Dies at 92

Choi Eun-hee

Veteran actress Choi Eun-hee died on Monday after a long life fuller of ups and downs than a Hollywood film. She was 92.

Her son, movie director Shin Jung-kyun said his mother died while undergoing dialysis.

Choi was born in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province in 1926 and debuted on the silver screen when she was 21. She married movie director Shin Sang-ok (1926-2006) in 1953 and divorced him in 1976.

In 1978, Choi was abducted by North Korean agents in Hong Kong, and Shin was also abducted when he went to there to find her.

The two made 17 movies in North Korea for late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, who had them kidnapped because he was a movie fan.

They finally managed to escape during a visit to Vienna, Austria in 1986 and returned to South Korea in 1999.